Photo: Bitef
Photo: Bitef

Since simply drawing attention to environmental protection issues is not enough, the Bitef team has launched activities that are aimed at reducing the negative environmental impact of the everyday functioning of the festival’s team, while organizing events with audience during the duration of the festival, within the abilities of the Bitef team. So - we have decided to move on from words to deeds. What does that mean practically?

  • When printing material we are transitioning to paper with an ecolabel, while internal documents and business material are printed double-sided.

  • We favor digital compared to print communication.

  • Publications (the festival catalogue) will be printed with fewer pages, in a smaller number of copies, and black-and-white.

  • We support all the members of the team who are making efforts to stop using plastic packaging and utensils.

  • We are introducing stations for waste sorting.

  • We encourage team members to use public transportation and bicycles, instead of motor vehicles, whenever possible, in the course of conducting preparations.

  • Festival tickets will be made using recycled paper and bins for recycling them will be placed at the exits of all the theatres. Audiences will also receive regular notification of the option of online ticket purchases.

  • We strive to hire catering services and office supply providers who are in the vicinity of our offices, in order to reduce the transportation impact.

  • All members of our team have been informed of our efforts aimed at reducing the production of environmentally harmful waste.