Sex Education II: Fight

Curators’ Statement

One of the three lecture-performances that constitute a distinct part within the festival’s main programme is Sex Education II: Fight by young Slovenian director Tjaša Črnigoj, co-produced by the Mladinsko Theatre, Maska Ljubljana, and City of Women. This lecture-performance explores the struggle for reproductive rights in post-war Yugoslavia, while at the same time informing us about the contemporary context that defines this issue at present day. This is the fifth and final part in the lecture-performance series entitled Sex Education II, comprising pieces Diagnosis, Consentire, Ability, Play and Fight. Each of these five pieces addresses some aspect of sexuality: from painful sexual intercourse, questions about consensual sexual practices, stories of women with disabilities, their sexual maturation and attitude towards their bodies and sexuality, to the topic of unconventional sexual practices and finally Fight, which focuses on reproductive rights in post-war Yugoslavia, implicitly paving the way for discussions on the right to sexual pleasure. In a convincing, empowering, and often humorous manner, two female performers guide us through the exciting history of this struggle and its leader in Slovenia - Vida Tomšič, a participant in the National Liberation Struggle, a national heroine, Slovenian Parliament speaker, president of the Women's Antifascist Front (AFŽ), a revolutionary, and feminist. She was one of the key figures responsible for Yugoslavia inheriting progressive practices regarding reproductive rights, which, although hard-won long ago, unfortunately are not guaranteed even in nominally progressive parts of the world at present day.