Hecuba, Not Hecuba

Curators’ Statement

Hecuba, Not Hecuba is a renowned production of the famous French Theatre Comédie-Française from Paris, which will be presented to regional audiences for the first time. It is directed by prominent Portuguese artist Tiago Rodrigues, recently appointed as artistic director of the prestigious theatre Festival D'Avignon. Rodrigues’ artistic work is characterized by frequent reinterpretations of classics and blending of fiction with true stories. His approach is deeply rooted in writing for and with actors and/or the audience, by means of which he seeks poetic transformation of reality through theatre. Rodrigues also employs these strategies in his latest piece Hecuba, Not Hecuba, which recently premiered at the D'Avignon Festival, using the myth of Hecuba and her children that she lost in the Trojan War as a starting point, and also drawing from Euripides' tragedies The Trojan Women and Hecuba. However, Rodrigues expands this context by integrating a contemporary true story of a specialized institution for autistic children in Geneva and a mother who, looking to protect her child, sues the institution following leaked reports of abuse of its residents. Exploring universal themes of suffering, justice, and motherly love, the performance raises the question of whether a world where children endure such suffering at all deserves to be saved.