Curators’ Statement

Rupture by Slovenian director Jan Krmelj, produced by City Theatre Ljubljana, is based on a text by a British author who, for the purposes of this performance, uses the pseudonym Rrose Sélavy. In an introductory note to the text she emphasizes that the production must not be marketed under her real name and that the original title of the text may not be used. This intervention already provides a key to interpreting the text, which explores the fate of two climate activists found dead in their apartment in 2021, yet about whom there is no information on the Internet despite it allegedly being a documentary story. Young director Jan Krmelj, who recently won the Borštnik award for directing this piece, skilfully plays with the manifold meanings and layers of the text while constantly shifting between reality and fiction, personal and political. In the times of post-truth and omnipresent surveillance, this exciting performance lays bare the mechanisms of control and raises questions pivotal to the moment we live in.