57Bitef23: Strength, Don’t Let Yourself Be Anyone’s

In its new edition, BITEF turns to collective art practices, i.e., to the curatorial team that worked on the selection of the 57th edition: Nikita Milivojević (artistic director), Tijana Grumić (dramaturge of the festival) and Ksenija Đurović (programme producer). Drawing on our various experiences, we curated the programme of this year's festival so that it presents artworks that reflect the unique interests and perspectives of each member of the co-selector team, and the common line that stood out through all the performances turned out to be resistancerebellion, and non-conformity. In accordance with all that, the slogan of this year's Bitef is the verse Strength, Don’t Let Yourself Be Anyone’s from the poem Forest, Plough, Primrose by young poet Radmila Petrović, in which she deals with the issue of heritage and (female) ancestors.