54.55 BITEF 2021

In 2020, Bitef could not have its regular edition due to the coronavirus pandemic but was postponed until this year and scheduled to be organized as an integrated (that is - its double) edition. Bitef 54/55 will be held under the same slogan as its last year version, when, instead of the regular edition, only a three-day-long Bitef-Prologue took place, with two performances in the main programme and several side programmes, providing a sample of what last year’s Bitef had been planned to be, and offering a glimpse into this year’s festival. The slogan is Edge of the Future.

The topics that generated the slogan span from the most urgent global problem nowadays, climate changes, destruction of ecosystem and, consequently, the genuine risk of global cataclysm, to the projection of the “world after”, the world which, in modern theory, some thinkers refer to as posthumanism and transhumanism. Additional justification for this programme focus can be found in the fact that the first group of topics, the ones linked to ecological crisis, are not only global but also local, since Belgrade is one of the world metropolises with the highest air pollution. Moreover, the fact remains that also the coronavirus pandemic was partially caused by ecological disturbances.