photography: Sonja Žugić
photography: Sonja Žugić

Uroš Đurković, Master of Literature:

I think that impressions need to settle. What I liked is his vibrant and striking approach to the story of migrations and of the fact that the people affected remain uprooted forever, as well as the non-narrative and suggestive choreography. I liked the objects that fall all over the stage and I’d say that this is one of the performances that remain in Bitef’s luggage forever. I’d also like to add that I feel privileged to have had a chance to see something from Nigeria.


Mina Ćirić:

I’d call it perfect. The topic, the performers, the choreography. I liked choreography best. I liked the fact that although it’s somehow pathetic it’s not pretentious, and that they cared so much. I also liked the part at the beginning, first in words, then in choreography in words, and movement and rubbish and costumes. Everything seems spontaneous while it’s actually meticulously composed.


Vladimir Pilipović, engineer:

It’s a topical issue, the dancers are excellent. They have managed to convey the emotion and the audience clearly felt it. In my opinion, this is not to a contemporary standard but I still think that they have achieved their objective.


Ana Lazović:

It’s not bad but it’s very pretentious, and what I mean is that when they start enumerating the people who got killed, they mention the ones killed at Kosovo twice, and they say “by Serbian security force”. As if no one has ever been killed at Kosovo except for the ones killed by “Serbian security force”. That’s why I left the performance - I don’t want to applaud, because I think this is utterly rude.


Sveta Bulatović:

My first impression is that this performance has masterfully managed to convey the suffering of refugees. And the troupe can’t be called anything but excellent if they’ve managed to convey all the emotions in just one hour.


Vladimir Cvetković:

I’m familiar with dance. Remarkably presented topic of migrations and the political context.


Dušan Strugar:

Amazing and modern. It tackles some important issues and I think we should see more performances of the sort. To have an opportunity to see old, classical and “cultured” performances is nice, but this is culture as well. I think we should face contemporary issues.



It was good. Dramatic and emotional. This choreography has managed to tell this story in a wonderful way. They are undoubtedly well prepared, but they also had this tremendous energy which is necessary to make a performance like this possible. In a word, excellent performance.


Ivana Kovačević:

I like the performance. Its aim was to convey a certain atmosphere about the people banished from their homes. The performers managed to make me feel the agony of it all.