Photography: Lukas Sykora, from Video Poetry by Monika Necpalova
Photography: Lukas Sykora, from Video Poetry by Monika Necpalova


- in dialogue-poetic action Growing Up: Slađana Bušić, Jasna Kinđić, Lazar Bukumirović

- in video-action Short Poetic Films: Monika Necpalova, Ana Pantić, Marko Kragović, Šimon Cubota, Nemanja Dragaš, Jasna Kinđić, Nikolina Babić, Ivan Marinković, Slađana Bušić

- in choral action Combined Song Alien School: Children from the Moon and Škart Collective

- in the interaction of the Scena magazine and Bitef Poliphony Those Strange Stage Loops: Miloš Latinović (Theoretical scene: Theatre, It's Unrepeatable), Nikola Stanišić (New drama: Birdcage), Irena Ristić (What Polyphony Won't Be), Marina Mađarev and Ljubica Beljanski-Ristić (Section: Education)


The opening of Bitef Polyphony with the action Yard, Forest, Jungle introduces the attendees to the creation of new combinations of reflection and interpretation of the key themes of this year's Bitef Polyphony and it is all strengthened by new energies of live interaction with the audience.

Those Strange Stage Loops present authors who are written about or whose texts are important for Bitef Polyphony and theatre in general in the Scena magazine. Scena miraculously connects them and places them in some new dimensions of togetherness, recognition, jubilee, and partnership for the future.