Photo: Generali Insurance Serbia
Photo: Generali Insurance Serbia

Once again this year, we are partners in the same mission: to turn Belgrade into the center of the theater world. With what emotions do you come to the 57th Bitef?

After more than half a century of contemporary theater history created by Bitef and our great cooperation last year, we come satisfied and happy to be part of a festival that promotes the highest cultural values. We are happy that our collaboration is turning into a tradition as we continue to support the international cultural community.

The fifty-seventh festival edition is held under the slogan “Strength, Don't Let Yourself Be Anyone's”. What does this verse by Radmila Petrović mean to you?

“Strength, Don't Let Yourself Be Anyone's”, in my interpretation, means that you should be yourself, that you should fight, not give up in the face of challenges, but get the best out of them, use them as a lesson for the future.

Bitef is known for risks, daring experiments and theater that pushes boundaries. That is why the security provided by Generali Insurance Serbia is of great importance. How do you see this friendship, what does it mean for your team?

The partnership between Bitef and Generali Insurance Serbia is a combination of history, tradition and nurturing of the same values. Both Bitef and Generali are brave and daring, both overcome obstacles, experiment, listen to the needs of the public, innovate and push the boundaries and thus set new standards.

We have revealed all our trump cards and presented the main programme. What do you personally find the most intriguing? What plays would you recommend, even if you haven't seen them yet?

I am very much looking forward to the play #Jeanne directed by Anja Suša, a modern version of the fairy tale about Joan of Arc and overcoming the differences between two worlds. The play Children of the Sun, directed by Mateja Koležnik, also intrigued me a lot and I am looking forward to seeing how isolated artists and intellectuals struggle with harsh social and political changes.