Inner space 20

The first presentation of the project “Play against Violence” by the DAH Theatre youth drama group, in 1999 founded and led by Sanja Krsmanović Tasić, was carried out through the performance Inner Spaces, presented at Bitef Polyphony. It was the beginning of a long journey which the participants spent exploring, playing, dreaming up, and creating all together, perfecting the instrument of their own bodies and voices as performers. This process was filled with surprises, discoveries, and healing of the generation which had spent its childhood in the dark nineties. In the lecture-performance Inner Spaces 20, participants will continue this polyphony discourse together with the audience, exploring their inner spaces and landscapes: springs, peaks, but abysses too.

Supported by: Artistic Utopia, Hleb Theatre and CEDEUM, Belgrade

Photography: Project PAV archives and personal archives