photography: Jelena janković
photography: Jelena janković

Željko Hubač, dramaturg:
A performance with a strong attitude. A very good performance by the young actors, probably the student at the Academy of Arts in Zagreb in cooperation with Borut Šeparović and in the production by Zagreb Youth Theatre which obviously starts intensively addressing the Balkan realities. They’ve arranged a great performance altogether and I must admit that they’ve managed to excite the audience, especially at the end, when the right-wing speech is delivered. I like the interaction between the audience and the performers.

Danijela Matović, student of stage design:
The performance is interesting, but it lacks focus. Dramaturgy is uneven. Many things are missing, it’s unfinished. The space and the stage design are great. I like the way they’ve involved the audience, and that was the only reason that the stage design was used like that, while everything else, the clicking of the games, it was totally unnecessary. I think they could have toyed more with the part in which the audience is one of the participants.

Zoja Vasić, student of management in culture:
It’s a very political, relevant topic, something that concerns the present moment. I liked what the director did with the video material. I liked the references to social networks and to various ideologies, like Nazism and fascism. We saw a critique of democracy and of the general state in Europe. Actors are good, I like choreography, movements, they’re very energetic. I found it repetitive at times, it was a bit tiring. Generally speaking, the first part of the performance was interesting, while the second part became repetitive. The final monologue was striking, it bore reference to some recent events. I liked the documentary aspect of the performance. All in all, a relevant and remarkable performance.

Gordana Đokić, actress:
This is violence in theatre. Please, give us back theatre, give us back Stanislavski. This is an article; they could’ve written this for us to read. I’d like to see some acting, I’d like to see actors play and justify something.

Milica Lukić, student of dramaturgy:
Objectively, I see this performance, I wouldn’t say boring, but pretty informative. Still, I think the actors were best possible, with a very long introduction which even provoked an emotional reaction in me, which I find necessary for the end to have any point at all. Also, I like the distance between real and imaginary which takes us to, unfortunately, totally possible ending.

Aleksandar Topovšin, architect:
I liked the performance, although it wasn’t dynamic enough, so I lost concentration from time to time.

Paul-Louis Thomas, professor, France:
I liked the performance, save for the ambiguity which can cause many people, not in Belgrade, but somewhere else, to miss the point. What I have in mind is the final sequence, the speech by Breivik, which is long and boring and kills the rhythm which, by that moment, is excellent.