photography: Sonja Žugić
photography: Sonja Žugić

Branka Pujić, actress:

I liked it. This could be used as an exercise for actors, for the development of mutual trust between them and as a form of teambuilding. The performers are very skilful, and I liked it because I think that making a performance requires trust, and they’re really an amazing team.


Hadži Nenad Maričić, actor:

I come to Bitef every year but I usually choose what I think will interest me. This year, I saw Sebastijan Horvat and Fassbinder’s play Ali: Fear Eats Your Soul, and now Rare Birds. I must say that I gave the highest mark to both of the performances. I got what I expect from Bitef, which is stimulus and inspiration for the season ahead of me. Another thing is this space which I think should be used more often because it takes us out of town in a way, and offers an unusual experience. I’m not the only one who’s noticed that it has quite a special atmosphere.


Željko Maksimović, actor:

This is the second performance I’ve seen tonight. I liked it because it’s so unpretentious. I liked the silent intervals in the circus and the ease in their movements. I haven’t seen art circus many times, but this is definitely one of the better experiences I’ve had.


Ana Vilenica, art historian:

I enjoyed. This was so poetic, and the performers are very skilful. I enjoyed the bodies overflowing one over the other, and I found it exciting to watch poetry being created through human bodies.