photography: Sonja Žugić
photography: Sonja Žugić

Gordana Marić, retired professor of acting:
I am so thrilled to have seen this Ostermeier’s performance with these magnificent actors. One is better than the other. The young actor reminds me of David Bowie in his young days. It’s an interesting style of acting, the relationships among them, the directing, who plays which roles. It reminds me of ancient tragedy, it has that sort of intensity, the conflicts with one’s self, with the others, with the world, with an inner restlessness, and this director, he is hypersensitive, I truly admire him and his work, it’s fantastic and profound! And it’s all very relatable too, we live with all those issues every day, but we either don’t want to confront them or we don’t have the time… so this is a truly first-rate performance! Truly first-rate!


Nina Grahovac, actress:
In my opinion, this was top-notch in every respect - aesthetic, acting, directing. An excellent text! I like the comic elements when they’re least expected. I loved the performance. I’m a bit tired but I enjoyed it, nevertheless.


Sofija Mijatović and Miloš Lazarov, actors:
Miloš: It’s a topical issue, this issue always is. I expected much more, maybe because it’s Ostermeier, maybe because we saw a performance based on the same text by Ivica Buljan a couple months ago in Trieste. I must say that they are very similar, so I suppose that he lent from Ostermeier and took this performance as a role model, but I think that those actors were better.
Sofija: I think that we found the Slovenian version somehow closer, they were rawer, so to speak, probably closer to us than the Germans.
Miloš: I don’t think that this kind of text allows for wittiness, that’s my sensibility. In relation to the text, I don’t think we need that.
Sofija: I’d have to compare the two performances. Directing is very similar, I guess Ivica has acquired many things, but what I liked more in his version is that he was more brutal in the approach, he went all the way, the scenes filled with violence were explicit and lasted longer, so we could grasp how harrowing the experience was. Tonight, on the other hand, I couldn’t really feel the torture of the main character.
Miloš: I liked his use of various media, so we are actually watching a theatre performance and this, so to say, film. I liked it.


Catherine Casper, interior designer:
Amazing stage design! The use of lights and sound is very interesting because it creates a contrast that underscores the topic. The actors were wonderful, precise and convincing. I’d like to see it again.


Olivera Milošević:
I remember Thomas’s previous visits, when he came with his Nora and triumphed at Bitef. He was at the beginning of his career back then, but it was clear what kind of director he is. This is a masterfully staged performance, masterfully played and it will take time for the impressions to get settled.  At any rate, this is dramaturgically very precise, created by a serious team.