In my head

When we break an arm, catch pneumonia or come down with any other physical illness, we go to see a doctor. But when we feel pain “somewhere inside”, we don’t want to ask for help or we don’t know how. The performance “In My Head” is a story about two teenagers, Borna and Vanja, who don’t know how to help themselves. The performance is a project who aims at initiating a dialogue and raising conscience about dangers of mental illnesses. It has been selected for the project “I Feel” which is organized by the initiative BoliMe, in cooperation with the City of Zagreb, as well as for the programmes of three festivals and one symposium. Tirena Theatre, with Drama Studio, took part at the third Bitef Polyphony in 2002, “Make Your Voice Be Heard”, with a theatre in education performance on the topic of accepting difference and breaking prejudices.

Photography: Vid Ćosić

Supported by: City of Zagreb, and the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Croatia