Cover design: Niko Lapkovski
Cover design: Niko Lapkovski

Presentation of the Special Issue of the Performing Arts Journal, MASKA 209-210: YUFU 2.0

29th September, 15.30

The oldest European journal for performing arts, Maska, came up with a special edition on Yugofuturism, YUFU 2.0. This is Maska's further attempt in the direction of searching for a future after its proclaimed end. It is only logical to first dig in the region - but how to do it without disturbing the dead? How to find a common ground to again open a Yugoslav futuristic horizon in the arts and beyond it? In the journal, we give voice above all to the transitional generation, which knows the former country more as a narrative and less as an experience, but desperately needs a source of perspective in times where its level is ecologically and economically, especially in the region, close to zero. However, this does not mean that we are not critical of the idea of ​​Yugofuturism. It may as well be a cynical ideal, a trap or in the best case, a utopia. But what have we to lose? The magazine brings together 14 theoretical, artistic or hybrid contributions by authors from the region, who put their stone in the YUFU mosaic in the making.
The journal will be presented by some of the contributors and Maska’s editors-in-chief, Pia Brezavšček and Rok Bozovičar.

Yugofuturism Conference: The swish of the tracksuits of the future

30th September, 14:30

Yugofuturism is a never-ending story, but we think it is nevertheless worth starting anew. The term evokes different feelings, but leaves no one indifferent. This is Maska's third "Yugofuturistic" conference, this time in coproduction with the Bitef festival, which is spatially and generationally expanding the milieu for consideration of this inexhaustible concept. Is Yugofuturism a trap or a solution? Is it forgetting or remembering? Is its aim to build a new community or an excuse for it? Is it possible to extend the idea of ​​the South beyond the borders of the former commonwealth? Is the future after the declared end of the future just a utopia? How to leave the notion open so that it can be inhabited?
We will discuss these and other questions with some of the key collaborators of the Maska Institute moderated by the editors-in-chief of Maska journal, Pia Brezavšček and Rok Bozovičar.