Theatre as an agent of change: the possibilities of «green» transformation

The workshop is based on the global cultural community’s current stance that, at present day, theater plays the role of a social agent - not just by pointing out certain political and social problems through stage narratives, but also with its overall business strategies and the organizational culture that it nurtures. Workshop participants will be introduced to the basic characteristics of the climate crisis and to the possibilities of re-designing production approaches and ways of doing business, as elements and factors of "the green politicality" of theater.

During the workshop, the possibilities of changing the paradigm of the overall approach to the management of cultural institutions will be discussed, as well as the possibilities of adjusting management processes in individual theater sectors in relation to the imperatives imposed by the "burning" consequences of the climate crisis. In addition to reviewing different experiences in the implementation of green approaches (tools, guidelines, good practice examples), the workshop will also include an interactive concept in working with participants, aimed at jointly formulating the next steps in the context of green transition.