Nature unveiled or Stories about plants and workers

Nature unveiled or Stories about plants and workers is an ongoing artistic/curatorial hybrid project based on the exploration of the issues of (cultural/cultivating) labor and my intimate fascination with flora (the plants that I curate and care about). 

The primary focus of the project is to question the position of the workers in a relation to the plants which surround them and to examine what can arise from this unusual interaction, perhaps only the possibility of creating the utopia, tranquility, and contemplation or building different ideological and social models that relate to the concepts of non-work and post-work imaginaries which at the same time question the capitalist sins such as laziness and leisure. 

The project was conceived in 2018 as part of a two-month residency Q21 in Vienna and presented in the form of a one-hour lecture performance in English in a public space (Belvedere Botanical Garden). 
The next fifteen-minute edition of the project, also in English, was presented in 2019 in a different format within the 4th Berlin Herbstsalon, i.e. the Young Curators Academy program held at the Maxim Gorky Theater in Berlin, while last year it was presented in Serbian within 91. Spring exhibition "Where does the future begin?". 

Initially, the Vienna edition of the lecture performance was adapted to the local context, which marked the production of a new work that premiered in 2020 as part of the 13th Condensation Festival. The last edition adapted to the Gorica park-forest was performed in July this year as part of the Podgorica Cultural Summer event in Montenegro. 

Programme is free and reservations are required at [email protected]


The Author
VLADIMIR BJELIČIĆ was born in 1983 in Belgrade. He graduated in art history at the Faculty of Philosophy in Belgrade and is active in the field of independent curatorial and artistic practice. He is one of the founders of the post-curatorial formation Vocal Curatorial Syndrome and the drag collective of the Ephemeral Confession, but also a permanent collaborator on the emerging project #SERGINA, by the British artist Eli Clark. Basically, Bjeličić's work is focused on the representation of corporeality in the digital era, translation of curatorial practice through performance, and ongoing articulation of the ideas of collectiveness and equal (re)distribution of commons in regards to interspecies communication (man and machine/ man and plant).