Dr. Ausländer (Made for Germany)

Curators’ Statement

Just like the title Gardien Party, neither of the two parts of the double title of the performance Dr Ausländer (Made for Germany) can, or should, be translated. Both titles refer to the main, very topical theme of the project by the director Bojan Đorđev: mass emigration of Serbian doctors and other medical workers to Germany, in search of a better life and more favourable working conditions. The difference between this performance and the Gardien Party lies in the fact that, although this production is based on documentary statements given by Serbian medical workers, it is not performed by “real-life experts”, as Rimini Protokoll names this type of performers, but professional actors, based on dramaturgy interpretation of the documents, written by Tanja Šljivar and Mina Milošević. The poignant nature of this performance, already imminent in its topic, will be additionally enhanced by the venue: the anatomy lecture hall at the Faculty of Medicine, the place where doctors (Ausländers) are made.

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