Curators’ Statement

The performance Crises by Mladinsko Theatre and Maska, which is to premiere at Bitef, rounds off the programme segment of the festival, whose mission is to promote new names. At the 56th Bitef, they are two of the most promising young Slovenian directors: besides the director of the performance Solo, Nina Rajić Kranjac, it is also the author of the performance Crises, Žiga Divjak, whose work will finally be shown at Bitef (his performance Lungs did not come to last year’s festival because of the pandemic). This performance is deliberately put at the end of the 56th Bitef because it expands the topical frame of the main programme: it tackles not only the social issues related to work but also the philosophical phenomenon of crisis. The phenomenon is approached from various perspectives, where not only negative aspects are indicated but also the potentially stimulating ones, which means that, after a rather dismal programme, we still do offer light at the end of the tunnel.

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