A World Without Women

Curators’ Statement

Both local plays in the main programme are co-produced by Bitef and two leading institutions of our repertory theatre, i.e. independent sector (Yugoslav Drama Theatre for Dr Ausländer  (Made for Germany) and Centre for Cultural Decontamination for A World Without Women), and will be premiered at the festival. In a year when the festival explores the issues of inadequate working conditions, job loss, etc., this is an attempt of Bitef and its partners to help domestic theatre creators from the independent sector. The play A World Without Women is an auteur's project by Maja Pelević and Olga Dimitrijević, which examines the representation and, in general, the position of women in Belgrade theatre. The performance is based on documentary materials, interviews with the directors of our theatres on the topic of gender equality in the theatre, as well as various theoretical feminist texts.