Photo: Miša Obradović
Photo: Miša Obradović

She has graduated in acting from the Faculty of Drama Arts.
Since 2002, she is a member of the ensemble of the National Theatre in Belgrade. In the National Theatre, as well as on stages of other Belgrade theatres (Yugoslav Drama Theatre, Bitef Theatre, Centre for Cultural Decontamination, Little Theatre “Duško Radović”), she has played in over 40 classical and contemporary plays. Some of the roles: Hasanaginica (Hasanaginica, Lj. Simović), Antigone (Antigone, Sophocles), Titania (A Midsummer Night’s Dream, W. Shakespeare), Lady Anna (Richard III, W. Shakespeare), Margarete (Faustus, J. V. Goethe), Psychoses (S. Kane), Church Ružica (Bela kafa, A. Popović), Natasha (Three Sisters, A. P. Chekhov), Gina (Ožalošćena porodica, B. Nušić), Akoulína (The Power of Darkness, L. N. Tolstoy), Aleksija (A Lullaby for Aleksija Rajčić, Đ. Kosić). 
She has cooperated with most of the relevant theatre directors in Serbia.
She has won numerous prestigious acting awards, the most important being the Sterija Award.
She has considerable experience in working with children and young people, and has cooperated with the ensemble “Kolo” and Etnosamit Festival for years, teaching performing art to dancers of traditional dances.