Фотографија: Марина Илић
Фотографија: Марина Илић

After Ten programme consists of themed parties which follow the particular concept of every year's festival and are organized after each premiere. The parties take place at various city venues and are complemented with various performances, video animations, exhibitions and promotional events. The organization is supported by the embassies and cultural centres of the countries which present their performances in Bitef main selection. After ten parties are unique meeting point of the participants, partners, audience, guests and press representatives from country and abroad.

Venues of After Ten programme:


18th September

Festival opening party

5A Soba Restaurant, 12 Rajićeva St


22nd September


Drugstore Belgrade, 115 Despota Stefana Blvd


26th September

Award ceremony and closing party

Luka Beograd, 37 Žorža Klemansoa St


17 - 26th September

After Ten Meeting Point

Monk’s Bar, 71 Kneginje Zorke St