Фото: Војка Никачевић
Фото: Војка Никачевић

The form of the workshop is a research, as a social game in which the participants develop an idea, a theatre model that would meet their needs and interests. What kind of theatre do young people want nowadays? The program was developed by the team members of the program Young Theatre Experts.

Organization “Threepenny”, together with children’s theatres in Belgrade, cultural centres and many associates, has been nurturing theatre audience among children since 2016 and the programme Young Theatre Experts. Owing to the support by the National Theatre in Belgrade, we were in the position to launch the programme for young audience.

The aim of the programme is to create a space for quality, direct and necessary dialogue between young audience and the authors who would like to create for them.

The programme is meant for young people aged 13-18.

Photography: Vojka Nikačević

Supported by: National Theatre in Belgrade