White Mane quietly asks

The company of associates gathered around the White Mane performance holds four workshops. The young people will meet Tijana and Miloš - to test how we can understand the questions of freedom, friendship and trust through theatre games. Vera will meet up with professionals who work with children to share her knowledge and experience in the application of the method of storytelling. Boris comes up with a polyphony game with all the (un)realized city musicians, starting with the original topic he created for the performance, while Irena demonstrates the results of work on this performance to other theatre workers; she applies a sociodramatic approach in order to establish what they might have in common - here and today - and why that might matter to someone. In the final gathering, after all the workshops, Minja collects all the questions, impressions and smiles for the new “Polyphony in Duration” initiatives.


The workshops are meant for children and young people, professionals who work with children, artists and non-artists, musicians and the ones who are not that yet and they’d like to become, and theatre directors.

Workshop 1 moderators:

Tijana Grumić, playwright and dramaturge

Miloš Vojnović, actor and a co-author of White Mane story

Workshop moderator 2:

Irena Ristić, author and researcher


Workshop 3 moderator: 

Vera Večanski, visual artist and fine art pedagogue

Workshop 4 moderator:

Boris Mladenović, composer and poet


Milena Bogavac, playwright and theatre manager