White Mane

White Mane is a story about a friendship between a boy and a horse. In this performance, there are four stories. One is told by the boy, the second by the horse, the third by an old stableman, and the fourth by the Owner on whose estate it all happened. The audience has a task to collect all the stores.

The performance is meant for the children older than six, but also for the adults who haven’t forgotten what friendship and freedom are, and why it is important to take children to theatre.

We all remember White Mane from our elementary school reading list, which is why we have tried to make it so that it is not only for children but for all of us who finished school long time ago. We believe that stories about trust, friendship, freedom, nature, justice and love are important for all of us. Through their participation at previous Bitef Polyphony editions with their performances, and through their work in curators’ teams, Irena Ristić, the director of the performance White Mane, and Milena Bogavac, the manager of Šabac Theatre, have influenced the concept of polyphony authorship, especially the introduction of research projects and the development of staging of performances in focus.

The number of seats is limited.