Where White Mane takes us

White Mane is in the selection of this year’s Bitef Polypony a “performance in focus”, which means that the exploration of its concept, process and context, its authors, performers and associates, as well as future projects it will instigate are granted extra time and space. Although meant for children, this performance invites parents and other adults to join in  and turn into an active audience, direct participants, witnesses and interlocutors of an event which dives into the story and explores it from various angles, from personal experience and an always deeply unresolved question of making decisions about one’s own life and the lives of others… An exceptional staging and managing, rarely seen in our country, especially when it comes to institutional theatre, considering and deep understanding of famous literature for children on which the performance is based, but also the burning questions of community, freedom, value and right, in the context of the world and time we live in.