When I go towards… the society where values matter

Twenty years ago, the members of what is today BAZAART, together with the young people in the Theatre of Growing Up, started a process under the title When I Go Towards… We were trying to figure out what our path, our goals and horizons were. It has been twenty years since then, and here we are setting off again but not in the direction we thought we would take, but all over again. In those two decades, our society has gone backwards; that’s why we, today, without giving up on the journey, go once again Towards… the Society in which Values Matter. Just like then, the best way to travel is in the company. The workshop is dedicated to cooperation between students and practitioners in the humanities and performing arts, who will join forces to explore social values that our society lacks, and create a plan for joint actions for establishing those values… Theatre of Growing Up is one of the groups which participated in the project “Art for Social Changes - Play against Violence”, and was the presenter at the first Polyphony.


Photography: Vesna Pavlović and Lidija Antonović