The summer when I learned how to fly

By force of circumstances, the girl Sofija doesn’t go camping with her friends, but spends her summer holiday with her grandma in Croatia. She is full of prejudice and deeply sceptical about the not very desired situation in the eyes of a teenager, to spend the holidays with her grandma and her sister, grandma Luce, who lives in an island… However, as days go by, Sofija meets new friends, falls in love for the first time, and breaks her own stereotypes, so the summer holidays slowly turn into an adventure of a lifetime. She goes to the island as a little girl and leaves as a mature young person aware that the world is more than social networks and prejudices which keep us firmly grounded, while we are meant to fly. This performance at Bitef Polyphony opens a new initiative, “Polyphony in Duration”, and which will last until next year’s 21st Bitef Polyphony in the form of presentations, promotions and support for various activities and actions stimulated by Jasminka Petrović’s book and this performance.


Supported by: Festival of International Student Theatre FIST, with the support by the Management and Production in Theatre, Radio and Culture department at the Faculty of Drama Arts in Belgrade