Sky and Golem

The first part is a presentation of the project and performance “Under the Sky”. The project was launched and carried out with teenagers during the bombing of Belgrade in 1999 in the Cultural centre “Stari grad”. Later on, it was performed at several international festivals and events, both in country and abroad, together with the workshop. The project was presented at the conference “The Young and Violence” in Jerusalem in Israel, within the programme “Gangs”, as a form of artwork which confronts violence in general.

The second part if the workshop by ERGstatus project “Golem” for 2019, which considers the power and responsibility for what we have created, using the old Jewish legend of a man made of mud. What is it we created twenty years ago, and what do we do today, and how does it influence our existence, where are the borders and where the possibilities for future action?


Supported by: Group “Let’s…”

Photography: Vesna Pavlović and Lidija Antonović