Polyphony on the spot: Šabac

In the course of its history, Šabac has been called Little Paris. Today, Šabac is also a “Little Berlin” - a wonder town and the first place in Serbia that treats culture as priority and its main focal point. Since the beginning of this century, the citizens of Šabac have been investing 7% of their entire budget into culture, which is up to ten times higher than the state average. It results in perfectly functional, contemporary cultural institutions, great number of festivals and town events, which makes Šabac an eventful place.

Šabac has Šabac Theatre, one of the oldest and most acclaimed theatres in the country. Over the past theatre season, that theatre gave birth to White Mane, but also a couple of other performances whose innovativeness breaks the prejudice that institutional theatres are conservative. Šabac is also called the town of murals, and it is also specific by the fact that its public space is full of contemporary sculptures.

Bitef Polyphony and Šabac Theatre take you to a cultural stroll through Šabac, the town and its institutions. The tour starts and finishes in Šabac Theatre where, at the end, you will see a performing event.

For the audience of White Mane performance, workshops participants, and Bitef Polyphony guests

Supported by: town Šabac and Šabac Theatre