Polyphony for Škograd

For three years in a row an amazing “Školabotorija” gathers children, parents, teachers, artists and all the interested citizens to participate in various events organized by the summer school “Škograd”. “Škograd” is situated in the New Belgrade settlement Ledine, on the playground of elementary school “Vlada Obradović Kameni”. This year, they have been building! They’ve been building their relationships and an octagonal circle. A circle which is to become a new school multifunctional scene. It will gather them all to create cultural springs, summers, autumns and winters in Ledine neighbourhood. The idea of the project initiators is to develop a methodology of participatory design of spatial interventions with children, and to create stronger links between school activities and the community, while turning the school playground into a new multifunctional stage which is to be used as a space of active living and community change. Bitef Polyphony joins this initiative and comes to “Škograd” with animators and promotional gift programme “Treasure Hunt”.

Supported by: elementary school “Vlada Obradović Kameni“; Organizations „Škogled“ and School of Urban Practices - City Guerrilla; Goethe-Institute in Belgrade, BINA team Urban Hub 2 - Multifunctional Spot; Company Mapei and Centre for Art and Urbanism - ZK / U from Berlin.

Photography: Škograd team

Meant for pupils, teachers and other school employees, for children, parents and other inhabitants of Ledine, as well as any other guests.