Playing for life – Polyphony in duration

Projects presented at the first Bitef Polyphony in 2000 all went under the same name “Playing for Life”. This title was taken from a tale of a small sheep ballerina who danced herself to exhaustion but still managed to outplay the bad wolf. The moral of the story is that art and decisiveness to resist can overpower any evil, even death itself (Ivo Andrić, “Aska and the Wolf”). These first projects gave rise to numerous new projects, performances, groups… This year, Bitef tackles the issue of evil as one of theatre eternal subjects. For Polyphony, this message of playing for life still represents a stimulation and power to persist and persevere, and to prevent evil, difficulties, and fear from winning. Introducing new initiatives which open the spaces outside of Belgrade or before and time for after Bitef programmes, Bitef Polyphony organizes a dialogue platform with an intent to persist and grow more powerful in its mission “Polyphony in Duration”. The participants are the representatives of the chosen projects which will be in various way supported and promoted between two Polyphony editions and presented at Bitef Polyphony in its new edition in 2020.

Supported by: Bitef Polyphony in cooperation with any interested institutions, organizations, sponsors and friends.