The performing event is the result of work in progress system, and a series of workshops held in the past seven years. From work in progress we have come to the progress in work model: a combined use of analogue light sources, circus skills, dance, poetry and visual alchemy inspired by the poem The Ray of the Microcosm”, written by Petar II Petrović Njegoš. The first version of the performance, named The BOX was played at the festival “Belgrade of Light” in February 2019. After the third version, the name was changed into Microcosm, under which it still exists and comes to this Bitef Polyphony, which represents the climax of its festival life so far! By the use of the skills of new circus, hand-operated lasers and powerful flashlights, graphoscopes, various chemical reactions, crystals, mirrors, kaleidoscopes, and other tools for visual magic, the performance invites the audience of Polyphony to join them towards the unknown spheres of the unexplored infinity of the universe, but also the vast space within themselves. Although the performance sets no age limit, it is our desire to stimulate teenage audience to explore with the light.

Support: Independent artistic endeavour, without sponsors, we are our own support.

Photography: Marko Kažić