Art for social changes

This round-table discussion is dedicated to the twentieth anniversary of Polyphony, which was launched in 2000 as one of Bitef side programmes. The main idea of the programme was to present and evaluate the regional programme “Art for Social Changes - Play against Violence”, organized by Cultural Foundation from Amsterdam partnered with the Network of Soros Foundations in Southeast Europe. Where are the first Polyphony participants now, what are they doing, what were the aims and themes of the seminar for artists and managers in culture “Towards New Theatre”, what do the organizations, moderators and young participants of the programme “Play against Violence” do nowadays, what did the concept “Compassion and Cooperation” mean, what was the postulate of the suggested evaluation, and how do we now evaluate this type of projects and various new forms which, as the artistic director of 53rd Bitef, Ivan Medenica, states, “are trying to offer and alternative… and… a restoration of humanist values that society should be based on…”…?


Supported by: Groups, moderators and participants at the first Polyphony

Photography: Vesna Pavlović and Lidija Antonović