photography: Jelena Janković
photography: Jelena Janković

- What can you tell us about the process?

When I got the offer, I was glad, because I had already worked with Borut, more than once, so we agreed pretty quickly. I was excited because I know that Borut has a different approach to theatre. It’s a very specific process - you don’t get a text, it’s a kind of documentary theatre which you must dive into 100%, otherwise there’s no result. The process lasted for months, we had a lot of transcripts and manifestos by those young people who did those things. They wanted it all to be read, and we used it for the entire material we created and which was, later, used in improvisations.


- What is the position of young actors in Croatia nowadays?

The same as it is in the region, the same as it is when it comes to any line of work. You’re a commodity. There are too many students of acting, and the market isn’t big enough. The market has to change in order to make some space for everyone. I think that even the professors cannot approach those young people as they would like to. There are many problems involved.


- How can young people influence the community?

To be honest, I don’t know. I think that young people can use their energy, their naïveté, wish and vigour to inspire hope in people. And that’s it.


- How you understand the Bitef slogan?
I like it very much. Because of some personal things, I think that it is possible to start love over and that inspires hope for some things. So it’s great!