photography: Mike Vonotkov
photography: Mike Vonotkov

Dragana Vilotić, professor of scenic design:

Very interesting! It balances over our reality. Excellent composition of moments where we are guided to follow the instructions, only to later realise how restricted are the possibilities of us making our own decisions. That, I think, should be the point. Generally, this was a very interesting experience, I highly recommend it.  

Feodor, visitor from Russia:
It is the fourth Remote I visited in my life. First was Remote in Avignon festival, then I was on Remote St. Petersburg, Remote Moscow, so this is fourth Remote I have seen. I am always saying that this Is one of best ideas to visit some city. This is the first time that I came to Belgrade. This show gave us opportunity to see some different angles of the city and we saw some locations where you as a tourist would never go. This is interesting project that make us ask ourselves interesting questions, and answers will come later. Still this is an interesting idea that reflects on your whole life and I want to congratulate to the authors and the producers of this project.

Leonid, visitor from Russia:
This is a great show! I liked it very much and I also liked the places we visited. I am first time in Belgrade and this is for me a great experience. I will tell my friends about this experience and I will tell them to visit Belgrade.