photography: Jelena Janković
photography: Jelena Janković

Tatjana Mandić Rigonat, theatre director:

A wonderful play; I enjoyed both watching it and participating in it. It is a ritual of establishing closeness, without conflict. A play about trust. They are a very good company, they are renowned, they are phenomenal.


Tina Perić, theatrologist:

Wonderful, simple, direct, the field works and this was evident because the people joined in without any problem and returned to their materiality through the contact with the ground, through movement and eye contact.


Christina, actress, member of the Macedonian selection at the Prague Quadrennial:

I know this company and I know their previous performances, which were impressive. For example, when they were in Skopje, they performed at the opera, which is the best equipped technically, and now suddenly you see that they have developed such practices, that are so much in the community, that develop communities, that support, that work on the feeling of freedom. I think that this feeling of freedom for an hour was incredible.


Nikita Milivojević, theater director:

It was fun, they are very dear and the need to get to know each other is pleasant. It was pleasant.  It’s a good thing that it is different from other plays. It offered something new, a type of collective act, for all of us who were there. It is good to have different plays.


Zoja Vasić, student at the Faculty of Dramatic Arts:

I think that the play, i.e. the performance, fills one with positive energy. Simple, and yet it creates a very nice energy, contact, and the audience simply takes part in it. The music is fantastic. The actors of different generations and races. I saw it three times, and all three times I was running. It was phenomenal.