After the epic game Walling of Skadar, which bore tragic and polemic overtones, Art Group Hop.La! is happy to invite you to a wedding party!

While waiting for the wedding ceremony between Serbian emperor Dušan, and the Latin princess Roksanda to be performed, guests from Prizren, Vučitrn, Leđane and Šar mountain are getting acquainted with the circumstances and criminal acts which precede this festivity. If anyone has anything against this marital or political union, speak now or forever hold your peace. The party is intended for the participants who are 11 or above.

After the performance, the closing ceremony of 19th Bitef POLYPHONY will be held, as well as the opening of “POLYPHONY IN DURATION - On the Spot”. By that programme, Bitef Polyphony continues the initiative of its duration throughout the year, focusing on the processes of creation, communication with the audience and the observation of development, cycles, and the space of existence where they are created - in their place and within their space. We announce first visits, among which are three performances inspired by Jasminka Petrović’s novel All’s Well, one by the Theatre “Gimnazijalac” in Lebane, one by Association “Snaga optimizma” in Obrenovac, and one by theatre “Farmakopea” within Pharmaceutical - Physiotherapy High School in Zvezdara, Belgrade. Live communication with Amsterdam will be established through POD Theatre, as a participant, and with the special guests of the project “ExploreZ”, ZID theatre from Amsterdam, which is a process we have been following for four years within a great international project, the leader of which is ODIN theatre from Holsebro Denmark, led by Eugenio Barba. 


“POLYPHONY IN DURATION - On the Spot” is realized in cooperation with hosts and sponsors, and with their support and live broadcasting via social networks.


19th BITEF POLYPHONY PRODUCTION: Center for Drama in Education and Art CEDEUM - National Centre of the International Drama/Theatre and Education Association IDEA - in coproduction with Bitef Theatre

SUPPORT: Bitef Theatre and Cultural Institution „Parobrod“  

CONCEPT: Ljubica Beljanski-Ristić

EDITORIAL TEAM: Boris Čakširan, Ana Dajić, Lidija Antonović, Maša Seničić, Irena Ristić, Nela Antonović, Aneta Goranović, Đorđe Živadinović Grgur, and Dražen Horvatić.


PARTNERS AND PROGRAMME SUPPORT: ErgStatus dance theatre, Reflektor Theatre, Association for education in audiovisual culture Filmkultura, theatre of movement Mimart and Art troupe Hop.La!, POD Theatre, theatre “Farmakopea” within Pharmaceutical - Physiotherapy High School, Centre for Theatre Research ApsArt and Association dedicated to the development of theatre for children and young people ASSITEJ Serbia; Kragujevac - Serbian Court Theatre; Obrenovac - Association “Snaga optimizma”; Lebane - Theatre “Gimnazijalac”; Amsterdam - ZID theatre

COORDINATION and PR: Tanja Vasiljević

SOCIAL NETWORKS: Dražen Horvatić

PHOTO and VIDEO: Lidija Antonović

DESIGN: Milica Zeljković



Bitef Theatre, 1 Mira Trailović Square, Belgrade

Cultural Institution “Parobrod“, 6a, Kapetan-Mišina Street, Belgrade

Serbian Court Theatre, 3 Daničićeva Street, Kragujevac

FOR CEDEUM: Sanja Krsmanović-Tasić, the president of the Association, and Anđelija Jočić, the chairperson of the steering committee