When we talk about archiving, and about audiovisual media in correlation with performing arts, we think of recordings which are intended for future viewings. And yet, now when entire generations are prevented from reproduction by the lack of time and the enormous information flow, and the aforementioned recordings remain just a formal demand by an institution or an organization, one cannot help but wonder if there is a need for archiving, and therefore, for existence.


As authors, we are inevitably concerned with the relation between other art praxes and our creative tendencies, especially if the latter is linked to the social development and the changes it undergoes. Some mode of counterpoint to the new media and the possibility of recording can be found in performing arts - theatre, creative drama/workshop, and performance - which establish complex realities of an event, of its existence “here and now”. That is why we have decided to link these two processes at Bitef POLYPHONY, to breathe life into one though the other, and to do it via workshop which creates drama process on the spot: simultaneously, we will try to record that process, employing the methodology which takes place in the course of performing process.

This workshop is intended for the young, mostly for art students, and anyone interested in overlapping disciplines and methodologies.