This workshop examines the phenomenon of “being first” in the cultural heritage through various phases of creative process, from the creation of a cultural content to the promotion of final product.

We will try to examine and call forth the mechanism of the struggle for the first place in a cultural space, by observing that phenomenon in synchronic and diachronic manner, while focusing on the past couple of years.

The participants will have an opportunity to share their experiences of the complex context of “being first”, but also to help tackle the following issues:

Why is so important to us to be the first? How deeply do we explore before we call something first? How do we define our work so as to call it first? How and to which extent does it influence our cultural heritage?

Workshop is intended for cultural workers but also for anyone else of any age. It encourages the heterogeneous quality in a group, which can lead to a richer exchange, since this topic might be interesting in a wider social context.