This is a documentary performance but not a biographical drama.

Conducting a research about Ivo Lola Ribar, his family, his fiancée Sloboda Trajković, but also about an entire generation of young people who gave their lives in the struggle against fascism, the authors’ main intention was to say something about their own generation, about themselves, and about contemporary heroes and their ideals. About their perception of the struggle against fascism today and what the story about family Ribar means to them, in the present political moment marked by historical revisionism and by the rise of nationalism in the region and in Europe.

After the performance - interactive presentation “A Diary of Theatre Process: How Were We Alive?” - the actors, together with the director Minja Bogavac, guide the audience through the entire process - from castings to the premiere. The audience will have an opportunity to participate in the presentation of the process which involved not only theatre and music rehearsals but a series of other activities: public lectures, workshops, interviews, performances, themed walks through Belgrade, anniversaries, etc. What these activities aimed at was self-education of the co-authors, but also an attempt to discover contemporary members of antifascist movements in Serbia. Upon seeing the presentation, the audience will get a chance to talk to the team.

Co-producers: UK “Parobrod”, Beograd; FIAT, Podgorica; Firchie Think Thank Studio, Novi Sad; AKUD Ivo Lola Ribar, Beograd; Mokrin House, Mokrin

Support/Sponsors: Our special thanks to the firm Triple Jump, exclusive distributor of Converse, company multiVISION, Bitef Theatre, company Heineken Srbija, Drink Store, winery Temet, Ivan Jevtović and the band Psihobilje, Bojana Vunturišević, Jelena Bogavac, Zoran Rakić, Nevena Caković, Milena Radovančev, Luna Jović, Anđela Milojević, Aleksandra Jovanović, Milena Đukić, Vanja Sakić, and to our collaborators, the audience.