Developing its polyphonic concept based on the “strange loops” phenomenon, Bitef POLYPHONY yet again notices, discovers and encourages the voices of its authors, participants and audience. In search of polyphonic drama and theatre open for multitude of voices, multitude of sounds, variations and counterpoints… Bitef POLYPHONY programme develops and lives like a big creative fugue which consists of various voices, ideas, artistic expressions, life questions searching for answers, as well as the ensuing paradoxes.


The opening of 19th Bitef POLYPHONY is dedicated to the question of how Polyphony lives (in us, around us, and away from us)?! Interactive self-organizing installations lead to material and non-material heritage of Bitef POLYPHONY through the statements by the authors and the participants. People are a part of this exhibition - they tell stories in the contact with images, objects and sounds, interacting with the audience. Stage is the world we inherit and the present moment we do not have time to live.


Finally, the documentary film Possibilities of Rebellion by Ivan Stojiljković ushers a programme section based on the performance Death to Fascism: On the Ribars and Freedom produced by Reflektor Theatre. The film is the result of interviews with over twenty interlocutors: historians, economists, attorneys, sociologists, designers, artists, partisans, and several heroes.