Encyclopédie de la Parole

Encyclopédie de la parole’s Workshop:


Moderators: Elise Simonet, Olivier Normand

September 30th – October 2nd

This workshop is an invitation to enter the ongoing processes at the core of the Encyclopédie de la parole’s work: collecting and re-enacting speech recordings.

The research, analysis and classification of speech is the primary practice of Encyclopédie de la parole, which fuels every creation process. We will share our research methodologies in order to collect with the participants new documents and enhance the collection. The Serbian language will be the main focus. This will lead to a reflection on its singularities: accents, forms, idiosyncrasies; geographical, historical, social, cultural, political contexts.

On a more performative mode, the participants will experiment in vocally appropriating some documents of the collection, such as the actors do in Suite n°2. No particular theatrical skill is required.

This workshop is meant for artists, researchers, students, and anyone who has an interest in the spoken word.

Participants are kindly asked to bring their laptops. Maximum number of participants is twelve, and working language is English.