Cultural institution Parobrod

27th September, 13:00h


Workshop/project presentation

Moderator and concept author: Lidija Andonov

Artistically shaped by: Jelena Bogavac

Drama therapy is a form of artistic therapy using methods and theatre’s transformative power for psychological treatment, integration and development. The idea behind the project is to apply drama therapy in the theatre itself so as to enable actors and directors to come up with a different approach to roles and creation of a drama text. In May 2016 the project authors brought together a group of young actors and actresses with whom they work in Bitef Theatre on a production of a participative theatre performance emerging from the workshop process based on drama therapy. The premiere will take place next theatre season but the participants of Bitef Amphitheatre programme will have the opportunity to join one of the workshops and/ or attend an open rehearsal. The guiding idea is to acquaint professors and students of artistic faculties with basic principles of drama therapy and, by participating in the workshop, to make their personal contribution to the emerging production and be its test-audience, i.e. professional associates willing to share their impressions and observations with the team of authors and make their proposals regarding further dramaturgy and direction.

Theatre and Psyche is a co-production of Bitef Theatre and Drama Mental Studio Company. The head of the latter is actress Lidija Andonov who, having graduated from the Academy of Arts in Novi Sad, specialised in theatre and drama therapy at Institut für Theatertherapie in Berlin. The dramaturgists and directors of the production are Jelena and Milena Bogavac and the actors actresses involved in the process are also co-authors of the text and the emerging production.

Creative team: Lidija Andonov, Jelena Bogavac, Uroš Mladenović, Đorđe Živadinović Grgur, Uroš Novović, Gorica Regodić, Aleksandra Veljković, Jovan Zdravković, Olivera Peruničić, Mirjana Jelić, Danijela Vranješ, Maja Šuša, Milica Janković, Jovan Mijović, Milena Bogavac

Producer: Anđela Stošić