STAge LABoratory: Bitef  Case Study

September 26- 27th

Curator: Mia David

After a year-long research of spaces Bitef discovered and breathed life into in the course of its history, students of the third year of stage architecture of techniques and design will present to the public artistic interventions at sites which they, today’s spectators, who have experienced them only through library material and other people’s testimonies, perceive as significant.

September 26th, 16:00

17th century army kitchen, Kalemegdan


Students: Stanko Gagrčin, Jelena Vreća, Jelena Milojković, Miroslav Živanov, Jovana Plavšić, Aleksandra Letić

The space between the Gate of Charles VI, Army Kitchen and Kula Nebojša was used for productions addressing ‘major’ subjects (wars, struggles for freedom, state building, major historical and life decisions). In this work students try to define what is it that prevents them from taking action. They address the subject of fear and having chosen a bed as a symbol of a safe place, invite us to awaken that within us that prevents us from being free.

September 26th, 17:00h


Students: Tanja Žarić, Andreja Rondović, Jelena Stojkečić, Aleksandra Polić, Bojana Nikolić, Una Jankov

Barutana (Gunpowder House) was built three centuries ago at a place active for 2000 years. A sanctuary, rituals, tombs and many murders are a part of its identity not to be ignored. Witness sheds light on fragments of history and personal stories set in motion by the spirit of the place. The visitors are invited to ’finger’ bits of the past inscribed in the context of Barutana.

September 27th, 17:00h

Atelje 212 Yard


Students: Aleksandra Rakić, Dušan Vukmirović, Iva Ilić, Maja Vujović, Tamara Tomanić, Željka Jakovljević

Confrontation draws on key motifs of Dušan Jovanović’s play The Liberation of Skopje  shown at Bitef in 1978. The production directed by Ljubiša Ristić left a significant mark on the yard of Atelje 212. Thirty-eight years later the space looks different; there is very little on record about that production and it cannot recreate the atmosphere of the legendary performance. In the heterogeneous space of Atelje 212 yard today, students attempt to identify the milieus by constructing some of the scenes in them. Five installations are the dramaturgical unit, confronting the public with universal issues of fear, values and ideals.