Authors: Vesna Bogunović, Bojana Andrić, Petar Đinović, Lazar Sakan

Sky over Bitef is a joint name for four exhibitions opening on the Prologue Day before the Kantor Downtown performance, the first on the Main Programme of the jubilee festival. These four exhibitions are based on artefacts relating to Bitef, its history and tradition as well as the institutions which made a significant contribution to the festival. The Idea behind this project is to take the audiences for a walk along Bitef’s “starry path”, setting off from the RTS building with an exhibition showing how RTS followed and helped Bitef since its foundation. From there the walk will proceed towards Atelje 212, the theatre from which BITEF started its historic voyage, that is the institution in which the festival was founded and which organised its first twenty editions. The next location is New Moment art Gallery which will display Bitef posters. This space was chosen to show the site which in Bitef’s history belongs to New Moment Art Gallery, responsible for the visual identity of the festival during the previous decade. Finally, the spectators will go down to the building of Bitef Theatre, a theatre founded in order to take care of the festival production, but also to follow and recognise during the theatre season Bitef tendencies on the local performing arts stage.

Exhibitions are included in the program of EUROPEAN HERITAGE DAYS manifestation – Cultural Heritage And Communities – Living With Heritage.


24th September

19:30, Radio Television Serbia: BITEF and RTS

20:00, Atelje 212: BITEF and ATELJE 212

20:30, New Moment Art gallery: BITEF and NEW MOMENT

21:00, Bitef Theatre: BITEF and BITEF THEATRE


Authors of the Exhibition: Bojana Andrić and Petar Đinović, Editorial Board for Historiography

The jubilee celebrated by the 50th Bitef is joined by RTS (Radio Television Serbia) with three programmes: an exhibition, broadcasting of recordings of earlier Bitef productions and a premiere of a programme about the festival.

The exhibition in the big RTS hall is displayed in five spaces for cosy family television watching. Every unit is furnished after the fashion of each of Bitef’s five decades and the TV contents correspond with the decades lived by the festival. The programmes will show recordings from the rich RTS library which has preserved the entire Bitef history. Every second day, a cinema will be set up in the small hall showing productions recorded during the first 20 years of Bitef. For the duration of the exhibition professionals will guide tours for pupils of secondary electro-technical schools, students of theatre art and visitors of the European Heritage Days, an event held in Belgrade at the same time. On cinema days there will be three discussions with the public on specific topics. The whole event in honour of Bitef will be followed by RTS camera crews and printed matter.

In addition to the exhibition dedicated to Bitef, within its regular serial TV Teatar, the Drama and Domestic Serial Programme will show in September a selection of outstanding productions from earlier festivals.

These productions are: Hamlet u podrumu (Hamlet in the Cellar) (W. Shakespeare, directed and adapted by: Slobodanka Aleksić, 5th Bitef‘71);Marat / Sade(P. Weiss, directed by Janosz Acz, 16th Bitef‘82); Midsummer Night’s Dream (W. Shakespeare, directed by Roberto Ciulli, 17thBitef‘83) and Uncle Vanya (A.P. Chekhov, directed by Eimuntas Nekrošius, 22nd Bitef‘88).

Culture and Art Editorial Board will show the premiere of Spaces of Freedom, recapitulating all 50 festivals and supported by testimonies of its contemporaries and RTS rich audio-visual library. The programme authors are Olivera Milošević, script writer and editor and Miško Milojević, director.


Editor Lazar Sakan, creative manager, New Moment Agency

The posters which for half a century breathed the idea and programme concept of Bitef into life are shown as a multimedia display. During fifty years the posters were signed by renowned conceptualists, prominent creative managers and art directors, young designers and artists, creative agencies and studios. The public will see works by Vladislav Lalicki, Slobodan and Saveta Mašić, Slavimir Stojanović and others as well as by S Team Bates and Blumen Group agencies. New Moment Creative Agency as a long-term associate of the festival undersigns the largest number of displayed works created for more than ten years by Dragan Sakan, Slaviša Savić, Jana Miševa, Vladimir Radivojević, Vukašin Vukobratović and others. Every poster is a signature mark of a moment in the history of the cult festival through the prism of new theatre tendencies of the time. In addition to theatre posters the visitors will see festival catalogues and video projections In the course of half a century the graphic-visual Bitef identity has come to mean great ideas, pursuit of new tendencies, changes and new theatre expressions.

About New Moment Art Gallery

New Moment Art Gallery was founded by the visionary Dragan Sakan in 1995 as a part of his New Moment marketing agency. Ever since its inception the art gallery has functioned as the epicentre of important cultural events in our capital as well as a place of inspiration. Culture lovers know it for its exclusive displays of the greatest world artists such as Dali, Picasso, Matisse, Warhol; by its permanent display of the best-known contemporary artists in Serbia and the region and also by its identification and promotion of young creators.


Atelje 212, 20:00 / Bitef theatre, 21:00
Curator: Vesna Bogunović, MA, Art and Media Theoretician

Two documentary exhibitions which in the shape of a fragmentary, collage presentation has evolved from the artistic idea behind the Belgrade International Theatre Festival. They correspond with Bitef’s heterogeneous and open programme orientation which survived in different, equally interesting and significant historical periods, all covered by the project.

These exhibitions are a specific form of cultural and social commentary, among other things because they are displayed in non-exhibition spaces: in Atelje 212windows facing the street and in the Bitef Theatre club. The spaces were chosen primarily because these are the two institutions which during the first twenty, i.e. the next thirty years organised and/or organise Bitef events: Atelje 212 where Bitef originated and Bitef Theatre which emerged from the festival concept and is inextricably linked with it organisation- and programme-wise. Another reason for the choice of precisely these non-exhibition spaces is our wish to make the exhibitions and Bitef itself interact forcefully and directly with the public(at large) outside the usual spaces, circumstances and forms of art presentation: in this case, artistic photographs of all productions shown since the foundation of Bitef. Photo- artefacts of Bitef, picked up from shelves, envelopes, boxes marked in a special language, funds and photo-libraries are not storage spaces in their new arrangements but, or so we would like to believe, works of art by themselves. The inherent artistic quality of the displays – installations is also due to the way in which the manner/concept of display needed to be adjusted to the architectural, urban and lighting particularities of the spaces showing the exhibitions.

The purpose of the exhibitions is to demonstrate, in addition to a different reading of the artistic, social and spiritual dimension of theatre productions, the value and need for a documentary identification of the “spirit of the age when the festival was created”. Simultaneously, exhibitions speaks about the need to preserve and continue presenting authentic “encyclopaedic record” of this highly-ranked institution of the world theatre culture.

We would like to thank our friends who helped the project:

XLED, Milana Kovačević’s SZR „Stari zanatlija“, CPDigital-Globalprint doo, Vumix color, Municipality Stari grad, University library “Svetozar Marković“, Historical Archives of Belgrade, Yugoslav Drama Theatre, Atelje 212