26 September – 2 October

The programme was introduced in 2013 in order to offer shows, lectures, workshops and residential programmes and thereby acquaint better the public and the creators of cultural policies with the modern circus art and in the hope of training and making room for young circus artists. In contrast with previous years when the place of venue was a circus tent as an independent performing space, this year the festival steps out of its milieu without giving up the basic idea of strengthening independent spaces: the events will take place at three locations (CZKD, KC Rex, Magacin in 4 Kraljevića Marka Street). Cirkobalkana, a festival of modern circus, is organised by Cirkusfera (Belgrade) and Cirkorama (Zagreb) from 26th September until 2nd October in Belgrade and from 4 until 10 October in Zagreb.



27 and 30 September, 21:00, CZKD

AL CUBO/ Betti Combo (FR)

Everybody in his/her own Babylonian Tower. Two men and one woman, plastic buckets and two ukuleles. The trio, pedantic and occasionally mocking, build unbelievable structures and unpredictable balances introducing us to a happy and acceptable uncertainty. The path to the depth of success, expression of privacy and the whole chaos enrapture with evident freedom and sheer silliness.

In their exploration of extremes and pursuit of equilibrium Betti Combo use buckets as the engine driving the action. A Chinese pole enlarges the stage space to a dimension in the air where they try to reach the boundaries of instability and insecurity in order to progress further. Circus disciplines and the physical theatre in communication with every actor the clown are used as the technical writing of every number.

Betti Combo was awarded SACD Prize for innovation at the 35e Mondial du Cirque de Demain 2014, the first prize at the Best of Be Tour in 2013; in 2013-2014 they were the laureates of Le Chemin de Creation-Pyrenees de cirque and proclaimed the best international company at ACT Festival in 2014.

Authors and performers: Ilaria Senter, Fabrizio Rosselli, Francesco Caspani


28th September, 21:00, CZKD

TORTURE / Cirkorama (HR)

A show of the circus present

Tortura (lat. tortus = twisted, fr. Torture = question, according to Diderot’s Encyclopédie) is an act of purposeful infliction of physical or mental pain in order to make true a wish of a person applying torture or induce the victim to perform a particular action. According to the definition, torture is applied with intent and knowledge. Torture is prohibited by law in most countries. Prohibited by law and nonetheless omnipresent.

We have embraced torture as a daily act and a ritual, we do it to ourselves, we – the Circus People. Hanging by one’s limbs, throwing from a height, excruciating repetitions, forcing oneself into particular postures – these are but some of the small tortures we inflict upon ourselves and our partner, repeated day in day out with the tendency to increase the number of hours spent in a room designed for bodily torture. The psyche is not spared either. The goal? We torture ourselves so as to be recognised by others. In the end, we pay tribute to ourselves. Deservedly!?!

Three performers on the stage try to convey their perception of torture present in everyday social life and artistic creation with the help of movement and music. By using the definition of the word ‘torture’ and its practical forms as motifs, the performers implement them through music, acrobatics, object manipulation, VJ-ing… The show speaks about the investigation of small and not so small tortures we inflict upon ourselves or the others inflict upon us on the road to our/their own artistic achievement.

Authors and performers:

Jadranka Žinić Mijatović, Nikola Mijatović, Bruno Motik


29th September, 21:00, CZKD

DEMAGOG / Cirkusfera (SR)

(The show’s third premiere)

Come, we owe you, you owe us!

We invite demagogues and demagoguettes of all colours, sizes and shapes to come to the gathering marking the World Demagogy Day and seize the occasion to invite you to join us in the proclamation of a strike!

A strike of demagogues for a new era of demagogy!

 The Management of Demagogue Warning also communicates that the strike will last until all our demands are met, i.e. until the next demagogue warning. Make your contribution to the deconstruction of modern conceptual slapstick and we wish you a pleasant callusing.

Authors and performers:

Milan Manić and Dušan Murić

*Propagating demagogy by distributing demagogues’ leaflets without an explicit permission of the municipal services is not allowed. We also excommunicate ourselves from situations when a spectator failed to pay the ticket or tax or electricity or subscription, yet is present at our presence and does not say he disagrees. In no case do we assume the responsibility for any consequences whatsoever. If the strike does or does not happen. We owe you. You owe us.


1st October, 21:00, CZKD


After its colossal appearances in Donje Brijanje, Prnjavor and Žminj and many other important places in the Balkans, the chaotic cabaret has finally arrived at our festival Cirkobalkana chaos cabaret. The show irresistibly evokes an evening in the circus but this time without a tent – no roof over the head. Performance of classical circus numbers in a way that is not remindful of the tradition but is nonetheless domestic, world class yet ours. Provocation, befitting improvisation and characteristic chaos with caricature.

Performers: various


October 2nd, 21:00h, CZKD

SOMIRU/Rogor Cirkus (SLO)

Shadow’s journey through dreams, in search for one who apparently stands still. Through  movement and sound, rhythm and breath, appears “per-sone” ( “which resonates”), and which is traveling through imaginary worlds of reality. The road is winding and steep, abstract and absurd, beautiful and incomprehensible. Attractive performance that is linking music with acrobatic, aerial silk and floor dance, in an interesting and innovative way.

Authors and performers:

Dana Auguštin i Thierno Diallo


22:00, CZKD




   Duration: 45’

Lost at the crossing of four winds, Brigit, Vivianne and Gretza run through the world following their appetites. Fierce, or tender and wacky, they carry you in their suitcase for a trip into their insane poetry.  Mixing up their devouring love and colourful madness, these three clowns simmer food delicacies you will love. All audiences from the age of 7 on. With no words (or almost!) but with music.

Authors and performers: Agathe Frankian-Bel, Camille

Foubert, Mathilde RyelandtI




26-30 September, 10-14:00 (CZKD, KC REX, Magacin in 4 Kraljevića Marka Str.)

Object manipulation workshop with Francesco Caspani (Betti Combo)
Acrobatics workshop on a Chinese pole with Ilario Senter (Betti Combo)

Theatre clown workshop with Fabrizio Rossellim (Betti Combo)

1 and 2 October, 11-13:00

Circus workshops for children aged 8-12

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The programme is supported by Institut Français, Teatroskop, ECF (European Cultural Foundation), SDC (Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation), Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Serbia, Secretariat for Culture of the City of Belgrade