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Interview with DUŠAN DAVID PAŘÍZEK, the director of THE RIDICULOUS DARKNESS, Burgtheater Vienna, Austria, the Grand Prix “Mira Trailović” and Politika Award laureate

The play Ridiculous Darkness by Wolfram Lotz was written in 2014, that is, immediately before the flooding wave of refugees reached its climax. Bearing in mind that in the meantime we have become witnesses of a political experiment whose guinea pigs have swamped the European territory, have you been able to notice, lately, a certain change in the reception of the play by the theater […]


The jury of 50BITEF16  – Yun Cheol Kim from South Korea, (chairman), Aleksandar Denić from Serbia, Thomas Irmer from Germany, Aleksandra Jovićević from Serbia and Femi Osofisan from Nigeria – has examined all 12 performances and finally decided that only four shows are eligible to be considered for a prize. Out of those four, we […]

50Bitef16 Politika Award

The jury of Politika – Ana Tasić (chairperson), Dijana Milošević, Iva Milošević, Borka Golubović Trebješanin, and Radojica Džunić have reached a unanimous decision to give 39th Politika award for the best directing at 50th Bitef to Dušan David Parižek for the performance The Ridiculous Darkness, the production of Burgtheater Vienna. The Decision: In a sharp […]

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SUITE Nº 2, Échelle 1:1, Paris, France – interview with Olivier Normand

The standing ovations and the rounds of applause after your performance Suite No.2 speak volumes of the reception. What are your impressions of Bitef audience? Since we use many languages in the performance, we have played it over 40 times but not many times in France. We played in Korea, in Portugal, in the USA, […]

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SIDE PROGRAMMES – Conference “Bitef and Cultural Diplomacy: Theatre Festivals and Geopolitics – welcoming speech by the Minister of Culture

Dear Minister of Culture of Romania Madame Suteu, Respected Special Adviser of the President of the Russian Federation for international cultural cooperation Svidkoy, Dear colleagues, Ladies and gentlemen, It is a great honor to be here with you today and address this, for me  personally, very important topic. I believe that culture and cultural diplomacy […]

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SIDE PROGRAMMES – Conference “Bitef and Cultural Diplomacy: Theatre Festivals and Geopolitics – interview with HELENE LARSSON POUSETTE, conference participant

In the position of the cultural attaché of the Embassy of Sweden in Belgrade, you used to work at the development of the programme of cultural exchange between Serbia and Sweden, through the residential project Create in Residence, which had an aim to establish bilateral exchange between Sweden and Serbia. What effect can working in […]

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SOFTMACHINE: Rianto + XiaoKe x Zihan Choy Ka Fai, Germany/Singapore – interview with RIANTO

Softmachine is a lecture-performance. How did your point of view on traditional dance in the social and artistic context change through the process and the research? For me, the traditional is also contemporary, because we don’t have a limit between traditional and contemporary, there is also no gender in the context of the movement. We, […]

SIDE PROGRAMMES – CONGRESS IATC-AICT – interview with Daniele Avila Small and Patrick Pessoa, conference participants

You participated in the International  Conference for Theatre Critics with presentation of your paper NEWNESS AS AN EUROCENTRIC CONCEPT  wherein you’re inspecting relevance of term newness itself. Why is this conference important for you? This is the first IATC-AICT Conference we are taking part of. In Brazil, our generation of theatre critics has been trying […]

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ONLY MINE ALONE, Station Service for contemporary dance, Belgrade, Serbia – audience survey

While the performance Suite No.2 is wonderful and very suitable for theoretical studies, this performance is painful – as well as Suite No2. Suite swamps us with all those words, while Only Mine Alone speaks of all the frustrations in the current political system which provokes various mental states. It’s visually very appealing, the performers […]

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SUITE Nº 2, Échelle 1:1, Paris, France – audience survey

It’s an extraordinary performance. Gifted, creative, funny, interesting, smart, new, different. It demonstrates high language proficiency, nice set design. It’s grotesque and full of parody in a truly innovative manner, almost futuristic. A uniquely moving performance! Peđa Gavrović, academic painter   Excellent performance! Interesting, intelligent, entertaining. We even participated with the perfect performers. This was […]