30th  September programme

11:00 Belgrade Youth Centre – Americana Hall

Generator – Collaborative platform for development of dance theatre for children in the Balkans / Station – Service for contemporary dance, Belgrade Serbia


Presentation of the manual

Moderator: Marijana Cvetković, Station – Service for contemporary dance

Speakers: experts in education, arts for children, modern dance and theatre for children and young people

Running time: 120’

Generator is a long-term collaborative project aspiring to develop performing arts for children in the Balkans. The project and two new manuals: How to Introduce New Theatre to Children and Children to New Theatre and Exercise Book for Movement and Dance will be presented at Bitef Polyphony.

The project brings together artists, educators, representatives of institutions and experts in the field of performing arts and education from the Balkans and Nordic countries. Through research, laboratories, workshops and public debates all these professionals join in the process of developing dance theatre for children and jointly raise the standards and quality of this art form. The main purpose is to strengthen the educational and cultural sector with knowledge and practical work for and with children and establish and promote a sustainable link between these two sectors.

Partners in the project: Stanica – Service for contemporary dance from Belgrade, Tala Dance Center from Zagreb, Nomad Dance Academy Macedonia and Centre for the Education of Young People, Travnik.

17:00 Cultural Centre REX

Production: Station – Service for contemporary dance, Belgrade, Serbia


Author: Jovana Rakić Kiselčić

Running time: 60’

Performance, text: Jana Milenković, Mina Kontić, Nataša Šmelc, Tamara Pjević

Dramaturgy: Marko Pejović

Lighting: Marko Milinković

Music: BCH

The production emerged from a project addressing the inclusion of young female contemporary dance artists in professional work, exploring their attitude towards contemporary dance, dance institutions, the situation on the dance scene, notion of future, choices, decisions and their opinion about what is offered them to do or consume, in the field of art. Species is a collaborative project in which the choreographer with the support of the dramaturgist sets the framework and principles, and the performers determine the parametres such as the text, rhythm, breaks, presence and absence. The performers respond to various tasks, communicate their experiences and place them in a broader social context. In part, the performans tries to respond to the merger of a generationally heterogenous team where different references are (in)directly introduced and where it is not always clear who is speaking and speaking to, where the tasks are multidirectional and responses mix.

The project is supported by the Ministry of Culture and Information of the Republic of Serbia, KC REX, Festival Van Okvira/Off Frame Festival.

After the performance ASSITEJ dialogues – discussion between young theatre theorists and critis and the audience.