29th September programme

13:00 Cultural Centre Vuk Karadžić, Cult Stage

Theatre MIMART, Belgrade, Serbia


Concept: Nela Antonović

Running time: 60’

Authors / associates / participantsi: Katarina Orlandić, Minja Bogavac, Nina Petrov, Nikola Vranić, Anja Nikolić, Rade Obradović, Ana Bastać Dimitrijević, Saša Dobrohotov, Ivan Radovani and others.

Dramaturgy: Filip Jokanović and the audience

Stage design: Lidija Antonović


Music: Teodora Sarić (saxophonea and fife), Predrag Radovančević (sound design)

Costumes: Lara Popović and Anđelija Marković

Technical support: Pera Kalinić and Milomir Džuver

Production: Teatar Mimart and UK VUK

Project supported by: UK VUK and CEDEUM

Concept was created as a challenge of exploring three authors and their works of fiction: Orwell’s 1984, Zamyatin’s We and Goethe’s Faust, trough interaction of artists and audience. Project explores current important topic – questioning concept of freedom in the future, where in an open process of creating the play, through interaction with the audience, questions are being asked – which will determine order of the acts and the dynamics of performing.

After the performance: ASSITEJ dialogues – discussion between young theatre theorists and crfitis and the audience.

17:00 Cultural Centre REX

ERGstatus, Belgrade, Serbia


Author: Boris Čakširan

Authors and associates: Marko Pejović, Jovana Rakić, Vera Jovanović / Marija Marković

Running time: 60’

Performers: Jana Milenković, Nataša Šmelc, Stojan Simić and young participants from the research workshop

Dramaturgy: Marko Pejović

Technical master: Bojan Palikuća

Music: Collage mix by BCH

Production: ERGstatus

Project supported by: KC REX, Stanica Servis za savremeni ples Station – Service for contemporary dance and CEDEUM

The project researches the specific influence of fairy-tales on the growing-up processes and creation of consciousness and behaviour of the adults. It explores the influence of the phenomenon of on the society and socia structure we live in as well as its particular influence on the life and acceptance of differences of disabled persons and other marginalised groups, the perception of the altered and acceptance of the concept of a hierarchical society and system and eventually, the world we live in. The research is divided into several units and topics, such as fairy-tales and childhood (formation of the image of the world), the role of fairy-tales in the definition of evil (defining evil and abuse), meeting a fairy-tale in adult life (e.g. American dream and media), when fairy-tales fall silent – fairy-tales in life (cruelty in real world), the effect of fairy-tales (influence on mechanisms and systems in real life). The participants in the project and the workshop are members of ERGstatus and young participants in the future performance, who will work in groups defining different concepts and forms as the basic material for the future production. This material will be defined and presented in the form of installation or different performative practices.

After the perofrmance ASSITEJ dialogues – discussion between young theatre theorists and critics and the audience.